Infrared Heater Asphalt Reheat Decorative Asphalt

Stamped asphalt application is the printing of patterns (typically brick) into the surface of warm asphalt, giving the pavement an authentic brick appearance. The printed pattern is usually given a custom color coating to enhance the pattern’s overall appeal.
Using an A.R.S. manufactured Heater to reheat and stamp the existing asphalt eliminates many factors that complicate the traditional hot printing process.

  • When using the reheat process for stamped asphalt, lengthy jobs or cool days are no longer interrupting factors.
  • Your two or three man printing crew is never delayed or pressured by the activities of the paving crew.
  • They can simply heat a section, stamp the patterned asphalt design, and move to the next area at their own pace.
  • On a typical job, a crew should be able to print and apply a color coating to an entire project, completing the job in one day.
Asphalt Reheat Printing