Portable Heaters

Available in multiple sizes.

Asphalt Reheat Systems currently offers four main sizes of portable infrared heater units.  The current line of portable heaters are in a class of there own, with regards to mobility and performance. These lightweight heaters can be easily disassembled and transported to anywhere heat is needed. Like all of the heating units in the A.R.S. line, these portables use a radiant blue-flame type of heat to warm the asphalt’s surface. Our infrared heaters are superior to the standard infrared heaters and was developed to specifically help eliminate the risk of overheating, save on fuel costs and heat the surface faster. So whether you call it asphalt, asfalto, asphalte, or pitch – we make, sell, and export the world’s finest professional grade portable asphalt heaters.

Heater Info Packet
Portable Heater Info Sheet